21st Century

2005 Wyndham Park Forum established to engage the local community in the care of the park and to help organise events. The Bowling Club, now privately run, opens a tea shop for the public to raise funds (and with public convenience attached)

2005 Councils urged to prioritise parks by CABE the Commission for the Built Environment

2006 Informal tree survey Robinia pseudoacacia by Park Entrance girth measured 325 cms (128 inches) estimated age c 130 years Aesculus hippocastanum Horse chestnut girth 207 cms 154 inches  estimated more than 150 years . Alcohol banned from the park.  Rivercare awarded second prize in Lincolnshire Wild Life Trust 2006 environmental awards.  Payback Project has offenders helping to renovate and improve the park

2007 Prize-winning Toddler Play Area opened

2008 Park Gates erected at Red Coss Street

2010 March The Old Pavilion Tea Rooms and patio area extended. Park Display Board erected.

2010 25th July A new Sensory Garden, designed by Tim Kemp, was opened. The garden is centred around ‘Isaac’s Apple’, a sculpture created from the horse chestnut that had been planted by Ian Howlett in the 1960s (which had unfortunately become diseased) by Nigel Sardeson to celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity with the world carved on the apple. The sculpture was unveiled by the Deputy Mayor of Grantham to open the Sensory Garden. Trees planted include four  blossom trees, Malus ‘Guardsman’ in memory of thousands of WWI soldiers who passed through the park on their way to training in Belton Park

2011 April  A survey undertaken by the Wyndham Park Forum to find out what park improvements the park users consider a priority.