17th Century

1606 16th October the land/mills owned by Queen Anne and linked with the George in Grantham.

1615 Conveyance from Ralph Clarke, Aldermen and Burgesses & others to Miles Greenwood & others of a mill called North Mill (where the White Bridge is now) on the River Witham £6.16. 8 13th October –13th January 1615 (formerly in tenure of William Nutbeere) & two other mills assigned for the jointure of Lady Ann Queen Consort of King James “for the common utility & public good of the Town & the Corporation of Grantham & the Burgesses of the same ....buildings, barns, stables, orchards, garden land, meadow, feeding pastures, common way, waters, water courses, whirlpools, rivulets, pools, Fisheries, Fishing Pond,Tolls etc “

The land continued to be leased for cattle grazing for example:
1661 Aldermen & Burgesses of Grantham to Edward Watson of Barrowby
1663 Aldermen & Burgesses of Grantham to Mr William Thorold Collier
and also fairs continued to be held

Writer and gardener John Evelyn (1620 –1706) wrote a description of Grantham in his diary:
“... A pretty town situated on the side of a bottom which is large and at a distance environed by ascending grounds that for pleasure, I consider it comparable to most inland places in England.”