19th Century

1841 Mayor Aldermen & Burgesses to Mr Joseph Wyles or Wilds lease of water corn mill for 21 years:  25th March – 25th March 1862
Inventory: “One water wheel 13 feet diameter cast iron axle & arms with wood Buckets, one cast metal pit wheel one hundred and one coggs eight feet in diameter, one vertical wheel with 28 coggs two feet diameter cast iron, one ditto seven foot diameter of cast iron with 12 6 coggs four 15 inch nutts each with coves to spindles, four pairs of stones two feet, dressing machines with cases &spouts worked by pinion gear & sack tackle, one iron gavelock one bushel, one hammer two half hundred weights, sack tackle for weighing with Beam & scales.

1864 16th April Mayor, Aldermen & Burgesses to Mr Samuel Howard of Hibaldstow lease of water corn mill (called the Slate Mill) and Pingle or Piece or parcel of ground there to adjoining for the term of 7 years commencing March 25th 1864 ending 25th March 1871

1865 6th July Lease passed on to Mr Sellars by Samuel Howard

1867 Indenture Town Council. two Treasury Lords, Henry Christopher Wise Esq MP & John Earle Welby Esq the Mill, land & premises were mortgaged  to the said Henry Christopher Wise Esq MP & John Earle Welby Esq for securing £1,600 & interest

1886 The area became Slate Mill Park, and was less formal than Dysart Park.  The river was dammed and diverted to make a Bathing Place, the first public swimming pool, during the slump of the 1880’s, the work being done by the unemployed and cost about £500.