18th Century

Antiquarian Dr William Stukeley (1687 – 1765), born in Holbeach and a biographer of Sir Isaac Newton moved to Grantham from London in 1726 and lived there till 1730 when he moved to Stamford to be the Rector of All Saints Church. Stukeley described Grantham enthusiastically in letters to his friends.
"lt is a very pleasant place in a fine country.... Tis certain this country, above all I know, is exceedingly delightful for hunting, riding, air, prospects etc....every day I am more & more ravished with it, & with [the] antiquitys [with which] it abounds. The great Ermin[e] street runs just above us;… …Belton House, a delicate seat & park, 2 mile Sison [Syston] park the like distance…….& all the roads around are thick with violets… The particular situation of Grantham is most admirable, a very large concavity, hills quite around at the reasonable distance of a mile, & a fine meandrous river [Witham] running through it at the bottom of my garden.”

1794 5th July  Mr Lely & his Trustees to the Aldermen & Burgesses of Grantham Release of “a piece of ground in Little Gonerby used as a road to the Slate Mill 20 perches approx branching out of a common high road and extending easterly towards the Mill, breadth 24 feet in the middle & 33 feet at the bottom.”