Heroes Commemorative Orchard

Heroes Commemorative Orchard latest

The Wyndham Park Forum has been fundraising to create a commemorative orchard in the middle of Grantham. The campaign is now complete having reached a total of £12,816.

The project can be viewed HERE

View our wildlife camera footage

Orchard wildlife camera April 2021 - May 2022 

Orchard camera foxhole in hedgerow March 2022

Orchard central foxhole from Nov 2022 to Feb 2023

Camera on Central foxholes from March 2023

Fox in daylight 13th May 2023 short selection of the 137 consecutive videos


and photographs from the orchard.

There is also a Facebook page for Heroes Commemorative Orchard

BLOSSOM TRAIL Use this link for a short trail to help you enjoy the Orchard – you may need access to the plan and map in the link below

The planting plan and information about the varieties of the furit trees can be found HERE