River Witham Habitat Improvements Completed

The Environment Agency working in partnership with South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire Rivers Trust and RiverCare have completed the improvement of a 100 metre stretch of the river, between Wyndham Park White Bridge and Belton Lane Bridge, that will benefit the river's habitat and park users' experiences.

The work here helps improve the way the River Witham flows, enhancing wetland habitats and creating a more natural, healthier river creating a more natural, healthier river environment for people to get closer to and enjoy. There are new features in the existing river channel that are found in more natural parts of the River Witham. The channel has been narrowed creating a series of berms (low bankside shelves) which will increase the flow and reduce the amount of fine silt that accumulates on the river bed.

Colourful and structural wetland plants have been planted on the berms, including yellow flag iris, purple loose strife, marsh marigold and water forget-me-not. This creates new areas of valuable wetland habitat for endangered water voles and to encourage dragonflies and damselflies to visit. Introducing fresh, clean gravel provides suitable habitat to help rare native white-clawed crayfish to thrive.

Finally there's an area of recycled plastic decking with steps to allow safe public access to let you get closer to the river and explore its wildlife.